Baltic Abrasive Technologies – wide range or diamond and cbn grinding wheels


Baltic Abrasive Technologies specializes in Superabrasive wheels for grinding, sharpening, polishing and profiling, mounted points, and other related tools. Our major products are a wide variety of top quality diamond grinding wheels and CBN grinding wheels. Our product range covers resin phenol and polyimide bonded, hybrid bonded, metal bonded, vitrified, and electroplated wheels and pins. We focus our efforts on providing the highest quality standards, superior customer service, competitive prices, and fast delivery.

Our Superhard wheels are used in wood working, metal working, tool production, mechanical, paper, and construction industries, among others. If you need any standard or custom-shaped diamond or CBN wheel or mounted point, we absolutely can provide it.

We offer not only all standard wheel shapes as defined in the Standards of the FEPA (Federation of European Producers of Abrasives), but also custom shapes specified by your requests as well. If you did not find the grinding wheel shape you need in our catalog, we can provide it to you based on your own specifications.

Different application requirements and specifications demand unique approaches and special techniques. It is our mission to work closely with you to find the perfect solution for your individual requirements. Baltic Abrasive Technologies will always only supply you with the top quality diamond wheels and CBN wheels on the market. And we always provide superior customer service, no matter how small the order, because we believe that is our duty to all our customers.

All our diamond and CBN wheels are produced using only the highest quality raw materials. The many kinds of bonding systems we employ ensure the correct type for whatever application your specific processes require. Our products will provide you the superior quality you have every right to expect, but which is often so hard to find in today’s environment.



Constant research and development has led our company to the production of superior quality diamond and CBN grinding wheels. Many different bonding systems were developed by our technicians and engineers. Our customers can rely on Baltic Abrasive Technologies to provide you the exact product your needs demand.
Thousands of molds are available. The CNC machinery used to produce our wheels is up to date and constantly growing. Even if you want a non-standard CBN or diamond wheel and need it fast, we can still get it to you quickly.



Different application requirements can seldom be met by one universal item. In each company that uses grinding wheels and points, every person who works at a grinding machine works differently. There are different requirements for stock removal and surface finish. Clearly, one wheel specification will not satisfy every client. Working closely with you and your employees, we will ask questions, listen to your requests, and gather precise information from you. With your unique information about your unique needs, we will provide you with wheels and points that perfectly match your demands.



Before you receive your ordered diamond or CBN wheels, they are subjected to strict quality control analysis. The quality of the products we offer is quality-controlled during many stages of production. We guarantee that you will always receive the same high quality diamond and CBN wheels every time you order from us.



Perfect customer service is our standard. Your ordered products will reach you on time, and you will receive professional technical guidance. We will make sure your requests, remarks, and special needs are attended to and fulfilled.



Based on our many years of experience, our wide range of constantly updated CNC machinery, the top quality materials used in production, and our production-embedded quality control system, Baltic Abrasive Technologies is ready to become Europe's most reliable and sought after diamond and CBN grinding wheels supplier.