We are glad to share feedback, received from our customers. Thank you for your trust in us and our products.

Hello again - Happy news! I am extremely pleased with the wheels and I am glad that I ordered the second set of wheels for my machine.
Customer from Sweden

I should have contacted you sooner.
We received the shipment and the cutting wheel is fabulous!
It is far better than I had expected. It performs superior comparing to the stone wheels we were using before. It cuts better and cooler and truer.
Thank you for helping me.
Customer from Finland

Very pleased with diamond hybrid wheels. Truing intervals are very long, our production speed went up after we switched to your wheels.
Customer from Germany

Wheels on our machine working like a Swiss Watch.
I'm stunned by the edge it puts on our blades, and all without a hint of heat. I'm absolutely delighted with it.
I can't thank you enough for the help you gave, and the bespoke service is second to none.
I hope your business goes from strength to strength in the future, and I will tell everyone I know about your products.
Customer from United Kingdom

After many years of working together, I have to say, you are very reliable company with great products. Price and quality ratio is nice, timely service, trustful supplier. Will continue working together.
Customer from Germany.

Just to give the update how wheels are performing. I am letting you know that lifetime of your wheels is excellent. Nice staff service is also greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.
Customer from Finland

Should contacted your company earlier. We have saved hundreds of Euros when switched to your diamond and CBN wheels. All our Vollmer machines are now running with Baltic Abrasive wheels. Keep up the good work!
Customer from Sweden

Very nice and helpful service. Thanks for keeping the stock for us, we forgot about running out of stock problem. Receiving wheels next day after placing the order really changed the game for us.
Customer from Italy

These wheels are efficient!  Last very long, you have a long term customer here.
Customer from France

Could not find a company which would produce totally custom big diameter CBN wheel for me for affordable price. Glad that I found your company, the process was quick and easy, staff quickly understood my requirement. Received the wheel, it is gives very nice finish.
Customer from Croatia

Thank you very much! You are very reliable and delivery was very fast. I received the wheels yesterday and today I made some sharpening. I must say that they have opened a new era for our chain sharpening. CBN wheels work as expected and sharpening is very smooth and fast. Also there is no overheating the teeth, which is fantastic! The cutters of Steel chain's top plates are electrolytically chromium-plated and when sharpened the layer works as a micro cutting edge stronger than teeth steel allover increasing wear resistance. Aluminum oxide wheels really do overheat that layer (also the cutter steel, which becomes softer) and therefore the chrome layer disappears or softness so much that chain looses it's "from the factory sharpness" - I have noticed that.
As the wheels are in good balance and grind so smooth it appears that there is less noise too from the sharpening machine which is pleasing for ears 🙂 Super!
Customer from Estonia