Burr/End mill

    Burr/End mill

    Hybrid bond is usually used on high tech CNC tool and cutter grinders for new tool manufacturing or resharpening. Wheels produced using hybrid bond boasts very long lifetime, reasonable heat dispersion, very high stock removal rate and fast feed speed. Hybrid diamond wheels and hybrid CBN wheels provide clean surface finish without heavily loading spindle, are very efficient, have perfect thermal stability and rigidity. They cause less thermal stress and thermal damage. Hold well the angle during grinding process and are easy to dress. It is possible to achieve very long truing intervals between dressing, which makes these wheels a perfect choice for burr manufacturers.

    Adaptation: burr, end mill grinding

    Available bonds: phenol, polyimide, hybrid

    Available bodies: Copper, steel

    Available grits: Diamond, CBN

    Any physical or chemical parameters can be chosen to produce the required wheel. To receive a price quote just fill out the CONTACT form.