Chainsaw chain sharpening wheels

    Chainsaw chain sharpening wheels

    Our Super Abrasive diamond and CBN chainsaw chain sharpening wheels achieve superior ground surface finish. They are suitable for professionals and private use. Diamond and CBN chainsaw sharpening wheels are preshaped for perfect fit, have aluminum core, last very long. Are wear resistant.

    Will work with most chainsaw sharpening machines like: Oregon 511/510, Stihl, Timbertuff/Upright, Maxx/Pro-750, Efco, Tecomec,Northern/Wall or Bench Mount, Jolly, and others.

    Outside diameter: 5 3/4" or 146,05 mm

    Outside diameter: 4 1/8" or 104,78 mm

    Bore diameter: 7/8" or 22,23 mm

    Free bushing included to reduce bore size from 7/8" to 12 mm (for STIHL and some other grinders)

    Diamond and CBN chainsaw grinding wheels can be supplied for following pitches:

    1/4, ir .325 ir 3/8 Lo Prof (picco) pitch
    3/8, ir .404 pitch
    chainsaw raker wheel, to grind rakers