CDX wheels

Diamond and CBN are defined as super hard materials because of their hardness that surpasses the traditional abrasive materials such as aluminium oxide or silicon carbide.

Diamond and CBN wheels are widely used in high effective grinding processes.

The main advantages of diamond and CBN wheels are: short handling times, short grinding times, very long tool life and profile stability, lack of thermal damage to the workpiece, good self-sharpening, high efficiency.

Diamond and CBN grinding wheels are able to grind almost every tool used in wood working, metal working, automotive, textile, paper, building and other industries.

CDX is superabrasive material which is a mixture of diamond and CBN.

CDX wheels are used for grinding such materials as: compound of hard material (for example Tungsten Carbide) and ferrous material (for example high speed steel).

Our CDX wheels can be supplied with following bodies (cores): aluminum, aluminum powder, aluminum bakelite, steel, copper, ceramic.


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